Welcome To Jugaad
Indian Soul, Local ingredients

16 rue Favart, 75002 Paris
Tuesday–Saturday 12am-2pm - 6pm–11pm

At Jugaad, Manoj Sharma sourced and celebrate the finest expression of French ingredients, seasonality, to create dishes that reflect the bright, fresh flavours of Indian cooking
From spices and botanics, you’ll discover an outstanding selection of Gin, pairing to our home tonic water.

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Immerse yourself in the culture and theatre of Jugaad. Our kitchen table experience gives you a first-hand insight into the Jugaad Kitchen and story behind our food, as told by Manoj Sharma and his team. Overlooking its own private tandoor oven, with and extended tasting menu and a curated wine pairing, our kitchen table is the ultimate way to experience Jugaad. There are three tables available, this intimate experience is open to groups of 6 to 8 only.

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